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Breast Augmentation

Breasts are the signs of femininity. Healthy and shapely breasts complete the beauty and self-esteem of a woman. Thus, breast augmentation is one of the most performed surgeries all over the world in order to balance the breasts or augment them. Implants placed right behind the breast tissue can double or triple the size of the breasts. If the patient has sagging breasts and she wants her breasts to be bigger, breast augmentation surgery can be administered in conjunction with breast lift.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is breast augmentation surgery administered?

Today, the most preferred and safe method is augmenting breasts by using implants. Incision area, implant area, type and size of the implant, the suitability of the patient are decided during the examination by evaluating existing breast tissue and the patient’s needs and expectations. An incision may be made along the inframammary line (That is the most preferred area.) under the nipple or on the armpit line.

What happens after the breast augmentation surgery?

Breast implants do not constitute an impediment for breastfeeding or getting pregnant. In order not to slow down the healing process, the patient should not get pregnant in six months after the surgery.

Will I be able to get pregnant and to breastfeed after this surgery?

Breast implants are not an obstacle to pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, to ensure complete healing of the breast it is advisable not to get pregnant in the 6 months following the operation.

Will I experience loss of sense on my nipple?

Loss of sense or hypersensitivity reverts back in a few months. It is a low probability to experience a permanent loss of sensation.

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