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Ear Surgery

The appearance of the ears is important for the whole face aesthetic. Prominent ears are assumed as a sign of beauty in some societies but it can cause to be mocked and to be marginalized especially for children. If there is no other complaint than prominent ears, an operation can be made from five years of age upward of the child. The problem can be solved early if the operation is made on that age because the child is unaware of the postoperative effects. Prominent ears aesthetic operations are not risk-bearing implementations both for adults and children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is prominent ear surgery administered?

This operation is administered under general or local anesthesia and it does not require the patient to stay in hospital. Incisions are made on the back of the ear and cartilages of the ears are pulled over to the scalp after being reconstructed.

What happens after the surgery?

A bandage which can apply pressure is wrapped around both of the ears after the surgery. Painkillers are sufficient for the post operative aches. The bandage is removed on the day after the surgery and the patient uses tennis player band just like the bandage covering both of the ears for 3 or 4 weeks.

When can the patient move on his/her social and business life?

Rubescence and swelling on the ears will fade away in 3 or 5 days. This operation does not affect hearing and recovery period will end in a week or two. Ear surgeries do not scar and their fast recovery period influences the patient’s life positively.

Does the ear revert back after the ear surgery?

If the operation is administered with an appropriate method reverting back is a remote possibility.

Do I feel pain during the surgery?

During ear surgeries, the patient does not feel pain because these operations are administered under local anaesthesia. Postoperative aches can be relieved by taking painkillers.


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